About us

Math4NL is initiated by the Innovation Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics and is supported by 4TU.AMI and NWO.

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Establishing board of Math4NL

Vivi Rottschäfer - chair

Vivi Rottschäfer is Associate Professor in the Analysis and Dynamical Systems group of the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University and she is Professor by special appointment ”Industrial Mathematics” at the Korteweg-de Vries Instituut of the University of Amsterdam.

She is a specialist in dynamical systems theory and partial differential equations with a focus on applications. She has joint projects with researchers in pharmacology on drug distribution, delivery and effect, and environmental scientists at NIOZ and the RIVM.

Vivi is the chair of the Committee on Innovation of Platform Wiskunde Nederland. The aim of this committee is to bring mathematicians at companies and universities together. As part of this, Vivi chairs the National Committee SWI, which coordinates the organisation of the Dutch Studygroup Mathematics with Industry. She has organised two of these studygroups herself.

Alessandro Di Bucchianico

Alessandro Di Bucchianico is head of an industrial statistics group at Eindhoven University of Technology within the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. His research focuses on statistical process control and reliability, with an emphasis on the challenges and opportunities that arise in the context of Industry 4.0 and data science.

He actively stimulates the collaboration between universities and society through his activities in national and international bodies such as the Innovation Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics, the Big Data working group of 4TUAMI , and the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS). He is one of the national organizers of the Dutch Studygroup Mathematics with Industry (SWI).

Alessandro actively participates in several national and European industrial projects.

Johann Hurink

Johann L. Hurink is a full professor in ‘Mathematics of Operations Research’ at the University of Twente and the Director of the 4TU Applied Mathematics Institute (4TU-AMI).

He is leading a multidisciplinary research group focussing on optimization and control problems for energy management and smart grids. Hereby the focus is ranging from the development and study of conceptual models and approaches up to the integrating these concepts and approaches in real world environments. Currently, more than 10 projects in this area are ongoing, ranging from regional to international cooperation and from theory-oriented research aspects to implementation issues and field tests.

Johann has been for 10 years the director of the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research (LNMB).

Wil Schilders

Wil Schilders is a professor of scientific computing for industry at Eindhoven University of Technology, with main focus on model order reduction and scientific machine learning. Prior to this, he worked at the Philips Research Laboratories and in NXP Semiconductors for 30 years.

Wil has been involved in over 20 projects (mostly European) with industry, most recently concentrating on digital twinning.  

Next to his role as director of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics, Wil has been the president of ECMI and EU-MATHS-IN, and is currently president-elect ICIAM. All of these organisations work towards bridging the gap between academic mathematics and industry.

Wil is a fellow of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), and a member of several scientific advisory committees at centres for industrial mathematics worldwide.