Math4NL Community Event

Math4NL Community Event - 2023

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The 2023 Math4NL Community Event will take place on December 1st, at the Mathematical Institute Leiden.

This year’s keynote speaker is Kateřina Staňková, an associate professor in dynamic and evolutionary game theory and a Delft Technology Fellow at the Delft University of Technology. She will be speaking on “How to manage evolving systems : Stackleberg Evolutionary Game Theory”. 

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Keynote speaker: Kateřina Staňková

Her research focuses on development of new dynamic/evolutionary game theory and its application in understanding and solving complex real-world problems (such as in biological control or in mathematical oncology).

In 2022, Kateřina received an NWO VIDI grant to develop new evolutionary game theory and apply it in designing multi-drug adaptive therapy in non-small cell lung cancer.

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Keynote speech: Executable Digital Twins - Integrating the digital and real world

Dirk Hartmann, Herman van der Auweraer

We live in a world of exploding complexity with enormous challenges. Digital twins, tightly integrating the real and the digital world, are a key enabler for decision making in the context of complex systems.  While the digital twin has become an intrinsic part of the product creation process, its true power lies in the connectivity of the digital representation with its physical counterpart.

To be able to use a digital twin in this context, the concept of executable digital twins has been proposed. An executable digital twin is a stand-alone and self-contained executable model for a specific set of behaviors in a specific context. In this presentation, we review the concept of executable digital twins, address mathematical key building blocks such as model order reduction, real-time models, state estimation, and co-simulation and detail its power along a few selected use cases.

Pitch & Discuss

How does it work?

Five speakers from the industry or academia will pitch their case and/or question. In an open space set up you can connect with the speakers and other participants to discuss the case and share ideas to solve the question. You will be able to move around to join other discussions or start a new one.


12:30    Check-in and lunch

13:30    Welcome by chair Math4NL

13:40    Keynote speaker

14:15    Finalists Applied Math Award pitch their theses

14:45    Break

15:15    Pitch and discuss

16:15    Best Thesis in Applied Math Award ceremony

16:30    Drinks

17:30    End of event

CWI Best Thesis in Applied Math Award

The Innovation Committee  of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics awards the annual CWI Best Thesis in Applied Math Award for BSc and MSc theses that use mathematics to find innovative solutions for companies, government agencies or non-educational institutes. With this award, the Innovation Committee draws attention to the value of mathematics for society.

The 2023 edition is sponsored by the Research Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science in the Netherlands (CWI) and by Chipsoft, a company that develops software for healthcare.

More detail on the Innovation Committee can be found on their website:

Finalists BSc category
Finalists MSc category

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